My Challenge To You

My Challenge To You…..

I am committing to walking Oakley twice a day in addition to my regular exercise. Look how excited he is about it! Hahaha!

It’s AUGUST already!! Where’s the summer gone?!? I’ve walked Oakley by this sign (photo below) a 100 times this summer but today it seemed to really stand out! I realized that Aug 22, the first day of school out here in Elburn, is only 19 days away!!

So here’s the challenge….think of ONE thing you can do this weekend to set yourslf up for weightloss success next week. Take an hour to meal plan or grocery shop or search on-line for a new recipe. It might be buying a new pair of walking shoes, delegating a task to the kids or spouse so that you ge more “me time” next week. Be creative and commit to setting yourself up for a strong weightloss next week.

There’s not much of official summer left, so let’s make the most of it! Getting back to our meetings is an easy, effective way to get some fresh ideas, so I look forward to seeing you soon!!

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