Emotions and Perceptions Tasty Tuesdays The Journey Of Self Love

“Everyday brings with it a chance to make NEW choices”

Today is a NEW day that’s all yours…What will you do with it?

What new choices would you like to make today? Is there anything you would like to do differently today than you did yesterday? If so, what?

Let’s not let the day take us over. Instead, let’s be proactive and use today to bring us closer to our authentic selves. Let’s plan our day around behaviors and actions that are in line with what’s really important to us.

A healthy life isn’t just about a healthy weight. It’s about a healthy outlook and attitude. So today, let’s start from the top..with our thoughts…and work our way down! Our bodies will respond when we treat ourselves with kindness and accept the place in our journey that we are right now. It’s exciting to get to make new choices and today’s the day to do it!

See you at the meeting! Don’t forget that I also lead an evening meeting on Thursday nights at 5pm at the Geneva Store! Hope to see all of you teachers that are back to school at that meeting soon! Here is my updated WW meeting schedule incase you want to find me 🙂

Monday~Naperville…..930am and 12pm

Tuesday~Schaumburg…10am and noon

Wednesday~Naperville….930am and 1130am

Thursday~Geneva..10am, noon AND 5pm

Friday~Geneva…830am, 930am AND South Elgin @noon




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