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$499.00???? OMGosh, Is It Really Worth It?


I’m eating my words…..or rather drinking my words….these days when it comes to green smoothies. For the past year, many of you have energetically tried to convince me of all the health benefits of adding dark, leafy greens such as kale and spinach to my morning smoothie and I have repeatedly wrinkled my nose and taken a thanks but no way! stance to your well intentioned advice. I never thought I’d try green smoothies, let alone enjoy them nearly every morning!

Well folks, the one thing I have learned for sure as I near the end of my 40th year of life is NEVER and I mean under no circumstance say “never”. As I’m typing this on my iPad, my plain-jane KitchenAid blender is on HIGH speed, working over time to liquify my kale before adding my Weight Watchers smoothie packet and frozen fruit. It works, but I have to blend the heck out of the leafy greens to make sure they are smooth and I keep wondering if a Vitamix might be the way to go. I’m making green smoothies everyday and I can see how my cute yellow blender might be abused by the work load!

The KEY to the green smoothies is to blend the greens with ice cold water FIRST. Then, once completely liquified, add your frozen fruit, smoothie mix or yogurt and fruit. I much prefer my fruit to be frozen, but it’s up to you. Today I am using vanilla smoothie mix and frozen peaches with kale. It’s a 2 PointPlus value breakfast and it fills my 36 ounce mug with some left over. It’s delicious and really helping me to stay on track and feel great.

What I’m doing now is working for me, but I’m very interested to hear from those of you who have dropped the $400+ on a fancy Vitamix!!! Is it worth it??? What’s your advice? We all want to hear your thoughts, so email me or comment and I will make sure to post all of them for the readers to see. My email is

I cant wait to hear from you! Thanks!


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  • Ruth Valentine
    September 10, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    I do not have a vitamix but i have a really good friend that swears by her vitamix. In fact, bought one for her son and daughter-in-law.