Tasty Tuesdays

Terra’s Tasty Tuesday


Sometimes finding the right snack to satisfy you is more about identifying your craving for texture and taste than it is about needing a particular food. So for example, if your craving sweet, warm, comfort food, a baked apple with cinnamon might be easily do the trick and save you a ton of PointPlus values compared to a slice of apple pie.

Today’s Tasty Tuesday is for all of you craving salt and crunch. Believe it or it, thickly slicing a cucumber and sprinkling it with dill and sea salt makes a savory, crunchy snack!

I cut up my cukes, throw them in a zip lock Baggie, add my dill and sea salt, shake it up and toss
it in my lunch bag. It’s a terrific substitute for chips and of course, they are healthy AND 0 PointPlus values!

The beautiful photo above was sent to me by my friend Gretchen, who is incredibly gourmet, as your can see! Her presentation is FAR, FAR more beautiful than my ziplock baggie! She serves her cukes as mini appetizers with lime juice and sea salt. Delicious!



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