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Love Yourself


“Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.” – Thaddeus Golas

I can say with certainty, if I met any one of you on the street or at Weight Watchers, you’d be very nice to me. We are all incredibly kind, generous, loving people to friends, spouses, children and pretty much anyone we encounter throughout the day.

Then there’s how we treat ourselves…… Boy, do the tables turn when it comes to how we talk to ourselves, ESPECIALLY when it comes to eating and food issues. Being over weight and/or struggling to get eating under control can reek havoc on how we feel about ourselves. The guilt, shame and sometimes even self-loathing that goes along with being uncomfortable with our weight and our eating behaviors can be extreme and leave us feeling helpless and weak. Then, surprise, surprise….guess where we turn????

This is a vicious cycle…but it’s the chicken and the egg thing…which comes first…loving ourselves or stopping the behaviors that keep us from the healthy life we want to live???? It’s SO easy to think “I will love myself when….” When I get to a healthy weight, when I exercise, when I don’t overeat, but think about that for a moment. “I will love myself on the days I stay within my PointPlus target and I exercise”?? Really? Ouch? That’s about as far from “unconditional love” as we can get!!!! That means on days we eat more than we need and don’t exercise we are worthless?

It’s tough to do at first, but I know in my heart we must LOVE OURSELVES no matter what. Even on days we don’t follow our healthy eating plan and on days we sleep in and don’t exercise. Unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves, just as we are this moment is far more important than losing a few pounds. Body weight and eating will become healthy when we have a healthy, loving relationship with ourselves. No matter what you’re doing or what you weigh, make being kind to yourself a priority today. Know that YOU are in total control of your destiny and you are perfect as you are in this moment.

Have a fabulous day !!!

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