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Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” ~Gloria Steinem

After you have determined a realistic weight goal (one that allows you to feel your best AND maintain it comfortably), take action by behaving and thinking as if you are already at that weight. What you need to do to achieve that weight goal is very similar to what you will need to do to maintain it, so start practicing your new, healthy, energy-filled lifestyle RIGHT NOW.

Dream, imagine, picture yourself at your goal weight and be excited that you are on your way to it. So much of our life is simply based on our perceptions, so why not start perceiving yourself thin??? What you think about is what you bring about, so today, key in on how great you feel when you are eating healthy foods in healthy portions, when you moving your body more, drinking plenty of water. FEEL THE FEELING OF BEING HEALTHY. Enjoy this journey….it really is fun when we allow ourself to BELIEVE.

Happy Friday! I will be in Geneva for the 830am and 930am WW meetings and in South Elgin for my noon meeting today. Hope to see you soon!


This has nothing to do with WW, but he does seem to do wonders for my emotional health, so I thought I would share…Oakley is 8 months old and just got his first haircut….I cannot believe I am saying this because I have NEVER been an animal person, but seriously, how cute is he??? And he is SO SWEET and CLEAN! NO shedding and rings a little bell we hung on the door when he needs to go outside and never talks back like his “brothers” Cole and Chase! :-))




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