What We Do For Our Kids….


The good news around my house is that Chase’s TriCity Chargers Travel Football team has qualified to compete at the national level in Tampa, Florida. Yay, Chase!!!! For those of you who don’t know, Chase Carlson is my youngest son, pictured above, who is 12 years old. Needless to say, we are ELATED for him and his team. It’s an amazing accomplishment and a terrific experience for the boys and we are excited to travel along to cheer them on!!!

The not-so-good news for me is that we have 4 front row and center seats on the mezzanine level of the Goodman Theatre in Chicago to see “A Christmas Carol” for Saturday, December 1st at 8pm…………..the day we leave for Florida!!! Booohoooo! It’s one of the only cultural events we can get the boys to agree to join us for so it’s become our tradition to go every year……….except this one, I guess! Wa! Poor Mom!

I’ve asked all my family and friends and no one can use them. The thought of the seats sitting empty this Saturday night make me SO SAD! It’s short notice, (welcome to the world of kids’ sports, as many of you experience as well!!) but any chance that you or someone you know might be interested in them????

They are the absolute BEST seats—we get to purchase them in July before they go on sale to the public, so we get our choice of nearly any seats in the house! The boys and my hubby love these seats because there is more leg room and I love them because no one can sit in front of me and block my view!! I would love to be able to sell them for what we paid for them (face value $82 each) but if that’s too steep and you are able to use them, we will gladly take your best offer!

Take a look at the tickets in the photo below for all the details and if you are interested or know someone who is, give me a call or shoot me an email or text. My email is and my cell is 630.921.5706.

Thanks so much! Go TriCity Chargers!!!


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