Are You Ready For The Holiday Season?


Clearly our little dog Oakley (above) is prepared for the holidays, but are YOU???

This week at Weight Watchers we are taking the time to make an action plan for the remaining few weeks of 2012 in regard to our health and weight loss/weight maintenance. Taking the time plan ahead and think about what we want to have happen is a critical step to being in control of our own destiny.

Let me be clear, if you haven’t figured this out already, IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS! It’s about balance, moderation and doing everything in our power to feel good about ourselves so that we can share it with others!

This week’s discussion is full of ways for us to brainstorm ideas together to make this holiday season one of the happiest and most enjoyable while being healthy. Ridding ourselves of fear about gaining weight, eliminating guilt about holiday foods and replacing all of that with calm control! Hope to see you at one of my meetings….I will be at all of them this week!

My Meeting Schedule

Monday-Naperville Center-930am and noon

Tuesday-Schaumburg Center-10am and noon

Wednesday-Naperville Center-930am and 1130am

Thursday-Geneva Store-10am, noon and 5pm

Friday-Geneva Store-830am and 930am and South Elgin Center at noon

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