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Tasty Tuesdays

Tasty Tuesday in Florida!


Hi All!

It’s Tuesday and I’m down in sunny, warm Tampa, Florida watching Chase play for his travel football league’s national championship. I have fabulous substitute leaders lined up to cover my Weight Watchers meetings (so DO NOT skip your meeting!) but I also promised to stay in touch and that’s what I plan to do!!

Today’s Tasty Tuesday is Oceanspray Diet Sparkling Cranberry Juice and it’s perfect for the holiday season. It’s 0 PointPlus values and you can drink it alone or add vodka to it for a kick. As you can see from the photo, it’s a pretty red color, which adds to the festive mood when enjoying a cocktail!! It’s my new “go to” zero PointPlus value mixer and I love it! You will find it at most grocery stores without a problem.

Hope you are as excited as I am about all of the Weight Watchers 360* materials you’re receiving at this week’s meetings!!!! I can’t wait to talk more about it when I get back!!!

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