Tasty Tuesdays

Tasty Tuesday


With the cold weather and the long nights, I crave “comfort foods”. These Cheesy Green Beans are one of my recent favorites!!! It works best with frozen green beans and you can adjust the number of Laughing Cow wedges to fit your taste, but here’s what I do, The whole recipe is just TWO PointPlus values!!!! CHA-CHING!!!! What a value!!!!

-Cook 4 cups of frozen green beans in the microwave until warm. I use Trader Joe’s when I can because they are my favorite, but they are long, so before cooking I break them into smaller green bean pieces. It’s a big bag, so I use half of it at a time. Feel free to use more or less green beans, depending on your preference.

-Sprinkle with garlic salt and add 3 Light Laughing Cow Swiss wedges.

-Microwave for an additional minute or until cheese melts.

-Stir until all green bean are coated with cheese. Sometimes I add a few sprays of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” in addition.

Light Laughing Cow Swiss wedges are only 1 PointPlus value for TWO wedges! You can adjust according to your taste.

I hesitated to post the below photo because it doesn’t look all that appetizing, but trust me, if you like warm, cheesy…..then your going to like this one. Especially for the PointPlus value!! It’s a steal!!!



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