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Weekend Round Up


“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow” -Proverb quotes

We made it! We’ve downed the first week of 2013!! Lots of us are back to work and school and those of you that aren’t, most likely will be on Monday.

Throughout the year, weekends often tend to be like mini-celebrations and many of us loosen up on our healthy behaviors. I think we all agree that Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays present the most challenges for staying within our Daily PointsPlus target, but for THIS weekend, think about how much actual celebrating you need/want to do. We are coming off of nearly a month of celebrating, so this feels, to me, like a good time to stick to our healthy eating and lifestyle plan, even on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, formulate some kind of plan. I saw so many of you at the meetings this week! Most of us are back on track and feeling good about it, so let’s run with it!!! You don’t have to be perfect…but ANY eating and activity plan is WAY better than no plan!!

Give it some thought!!!

Have a HAPPY day, my friends 🙂

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