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“Think about your highest purpose in 2013. Set up your calendar to serve that end, and everything will run better.” —Martha Beck, Daily Coach Tips

Although it can be a challenge to keep yourself at the top of your priority list, I’m challenging you to do it anyway!!

All your “to do’s” will get done more effectively and efficiently if you’re feeling good about yourself. Good health, including a healthy body weight, doesn’t just happen (contrary to popular belief!)…it takes some effort and focus. Which, of course, is exactly like every other worthwhile thing in this world.

Schedule time for yourself. Make appointment’s with yourself and honor them the way you would a dentist appointment or a hair appointment. YOU’RE worth the time it takes to get some activity in and to meal plan. YOU’RE worth the time it takes write down or type in what you’re eating and to attend our Weight Watchers meetings.

If you don’t take control of you schedule, it will control you! Step up to the plate and put yourself at the top of your list!!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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