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OMGosh…Twitter? Because Facebook and blogging just aren’t enough, apparently!

I’m new to it and still a little unsure, but Cole, my 16 year old son, insists that it’s time I jump in and start tweeting. As long as I don’t follow his tweets, that is!! Hahahaha…..nice, huh?? Being a Mom is NOT for the weak!!!!

Cole promises me it’s a lot of fun and the best way to stay in touch theses days so, I guess I’ll try it! I didn’t think I’d like blogging either, way back when and now, 4 years later I’m still writing this blog and loving it.

Cole’s got my account all set up, so here goes……

Follow me on Twitter @ terramarieayres

….and I look forward hearing from you!!

Today is Monday, so I’ll be in Naperville leading my 930am and noon meetings this morning.

Here’s my weekly meeting schedule. Please pass it along to anyone who might be interested in joining Weight Watchers. I’d love to talk to them!! Also, ask me about a VIP pass if you don’t already have a monthly pass. I have more to give out and it’s good for $10 off your first month of the pass and no registration fee. It ‘s a good time to join and take advantage of the VIP savings I can offer!!!

Have a great day!!

Terra’s Weight Watchers Meeting Times

Monday-Naperville New Store-930am and noon

Tuesday-Schaumburg New Store-10am and noon

Wednesday-Naperville New Store-930am and 1130am

Thursday-Geneva Store-10am, noon and 5pm

Friday-Geneva Store-830am and 930am and South Elgin Center at noon

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