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Tasty Tuesday 1 PointsPlus Ranch Dip!

hiddin valley ranch


Each month in 2013 at Weight Watchers, we are focusing on adding a new, healthy routine to our everyday lives. Our healthy routine for January was ADDING A FRUIT AND/OR VEGGIE TO EVERY MEAL AND SNACK. Because I consider myself a “volume eater” and I’ve been working to shed a few Christmas pounds, I love this routine and have really taken it to heart. It’s amazing to me how easily fruits and veggies can stretch out my daily PointsPlus target, making staying within it, a lot more manageable.

This Tasty Tuesday is an easy, easy one that I make nearly EVERY week and take in my lunch because makes my carrots, celery and cucumbers slices taste so much yummier than eating them by themselves. I actually look forward to eating them before my sandwich and I find that I am able to save several PointsPlus Values at lunch, which means I usually have enough for a much needed evening snack! Hope you like this one as much as I do!


17.6oz Container of Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt (Not all greek yogurts taste them same. FAGE is my absolute favorite)

1 Packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix (my favorite is Ranch, but the Fiesta Ranch is good and so is the French Onion.)

Just add the powdered mix packet to the yogurt (I leave it in the FAGE container so I don’t have to dirty a dish) and stir really well. I make it on Sunday nights and then I spoon it into 1/4C containers. I also separate my mini carrots (or whatever veggie, but right now, carrots are my choice) into 5 baggies on Sunday nights so that each morning, I can toss one bag and a container of dip into my lunch bag in the mornings and go.

I will be in Schaumburg today leading my 10a and noon Weight Watchers meetings. Have a GREAT day!


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