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Move While We Can!



Oakley and I just came in from our run and it’s sunny and actually pretty nice outside!


Today’s high temperature is 37*, but tomorrow the snow is supposed to come in, so get out there and MOVE TODAY! Be active because it makes you feel good! Get out and take in some fresh air for the sake of bettering your mood. Endorphins make us feel alive and happy and we can get them pumping anytime we move around with a little intensity.

If you’re not up for getting outside, be productive and hit the grocery store and stock up with healthy foods before the snow hits. Or shovel some of the leftover snow in anticipation of more coming soon.

ALL activity, all moving around “counts” and I promise, when you are done, you won’t be sorry you did it! No one ever regrets activity or exercise when they are finished!!

Have a HAPPY day and all I will see all of you Naperville folks today at 930am or noon for our Monday meetings!


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