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Life Isn’t Fair and Neither Is Weight Loss!


“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
― Wayne W. Dyer

If we constantly use the scale to determine our success as a person, we will most often be disappointed. Weight-loss happens on it’s own schedule…..all we have control over is our behaviors.

Someone recently asked me when she will get to the point where she doesn’t have to keep “starting over” when it comes to weight loss. It’s a thought provoking question and the answer is….NEVER.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost 5 pounds or 50 pounds, each day, you wake up and start fresh. It also doesn’t matter how long you’ve kept the weight off………..ask ANY Lifetime Weight Watchers member and they will tell you it always takes focus and some effort. No one is “grand-fathered in” so to speak!!!!!!

Taking care of our health and our weight is a management process. If we continue to look at the changes are making as only a means to an end on the scale, in other words, a diet, it will feel daunting and honestly….pretty depressing.

This is our life and we get to choose how we live it. Our worth is NOT based on a number on the scale and our mood or outlook on our day shouldn’t be either. We are all so much more than a number on the scale!!!!!! We all have all been blessed with unique and incredible gifts as people and we don’t want to spoil them by feeling bad about not being at a certain number on the scale.

I love the above quote by Wayne Dyer because it rings so very true. When you go out to exercise today or you choose a piece of fruit over a candy bar….do it because it feels good and it’s good for your body. Make the healthier choices not just because you are on Weight Watchers, but because you respect yourself and your body, just as you are right this minute.

All IS well!

I will see all you from the Fox Valley area at 10am, noon and 5pm at the Geneva Weight Watchers Store. I’m looking forward to it!

-Terra 🙂

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