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What If….

Dear Terra-

Here is a little poem I wrote at the beginning of my WW year that has been helping me and it is all about hope and trust…I thought you might like it. Have a great weekend!!


What if…
I ate exactly what I loved
And Nothing that I didn’t
Without judging if it is good or bad
Just put it on the menu and count the points
Just eat it every day if that is how much I love it
Just let it be okay
To be able to eat anything that I really enjoy
And what if…
I really didn’t need to eat that much of it after a while
And I never missed it, missed out on it
Or craved it
I just made it okay and normal
And then what if
I ate normally
From hunger
And enjoyment
To nourish my body
Without fear or guilt or shame
What if…

What if…
I loved my body
Just as it is
Without judging it
Without focusing on my flaws
What if I just felt good
To be able to move around
What if..
I moved more
Just because I could
And I started to enjoy it more each day
And my health improved little by little
What if I took care of myself
And did the best I could
And I felt beautiful
What if…
I didn’t need anyone else to notice the changes
And I just knew that I looked my best
and my best was enough
What if I accepted the damage
that being overweight has caused
and I did not let it stop me
from feeling good about myself
What if….

–Lisa Vargas

One year ago Lisa came back to Weight Watchers and has attended our Friday 830am meeting in Geneva faithfully. Last week we celebrated her FIFTY POUND (yes, 50lbs!!!) weight loss! Way to go Lisa!!!!!

After the meeting she sent me the following email and said she would be happy to let me share it with you. I love her words and the meaning they hold. I’m confident you will too.

THANK YOU, Lisa, for sharing your poem and your experience with me. It’s people like you, who I get the honor to become friends with on this weight loss journey, that make my job at Weight Watchers so meaningful.

Lisa is also a chef and baker. She bakes the most amazing designer cakes! I mean really AMAZING and really DESIGNER!! My sister, Paige, got a puppy, Olive, last year at the same time we got our puppy, Oakley. We had a combined birthday party for Oakley and Olive and Lisa made the cake for us….see below!

As my son 12 year old son, Chase, pointed out…it was like my book club…..really just another excuse to throw and big party, but boy was it fun! The cake was a HUGE hit and quite a conversation starter!!

If your interested in ordering a cake that’s way more than just “a cake” email Lisa and she can talk to your about her services. She rocks!!! Her email address is:


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