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Comfortable With Who You Are Right Now


“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” ― Mark Twain

If what I’ve dedicated myself to do at Weight Watchers was simply about teaching people a way to lose weight, I suspect the novelty would have worn long ago.

Instead, what I’ve learned from my own journey over the last 12 years and from the countless others who let me share in their’s…….it’s about discovering yourself and accepting yourself for what’s on the inside. Weight loss or weight gain is often a bi-product or side affect to what’s happening on the inside. When we stop beat ourselves up and begin to accept ourselves, flaws and all, we start to regain control of our behaviors. For lasting health, we must FIRST gain control of our thoughts and THEN we will be able to modify our behaviors more effectively and permanently.

When I came across Mark Twain’s quote above, it struck me as so sad because it’s so true. One of the most difficult parts of being over weight is the isolation felt from not having control and hating ourselves for it.

The thing is, just like in relationships with others, hating, berating and not forgiving is never the way to peace. When our weight or our eating is out of control, it’s easy to think that when and if we can get it back under control, then we will like ourselves again. Although common, this logic is completely backwards….

Love yourself first!!!! No matter how disappointed or discouraged you might be with your behaviors, let it go. Love yourself as you are and start today from a place of gratitude. Not only will you be more successful and changing your behaviors, most importantly, you will be happy today. Don’t wait for something to happen for you to feel good. Work on feeling good about yourself first and watch, then things will start to happen.

“There is no way to happiness…Happiness IS the way.”

Wishing you only JOY today!!

All IS well 🙂


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