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Field Trip!! Everyone To The Little Traveler Cafe in Historic Downtown Geneva!!


Hi Terra,

My Husband, Mike, has been so impressed with all that he’s learned about Weight Watchers, that he has had the chef put together and onto the menu some items with Weight Watchers PointsPlus values. See the link below for the menu:


Assuming this is well-received, he intends to have the chef calculate more Weight Watchers PointPlus values for dishes already on the menu, as well as adapt more items to have “acceptable” Weight Watchers PointPlus values.

Can you tell people at meetings about this?



My Dear Nancy…

It’s WAY past my bed time but I’m wide awake answering the several emails I’ve been getting from friends who received an earlier email I sent out regarding your new Weight Watchers FRIENDLY menu at the Little Traveler Cafe!!!!! We are all extremely excited to come in for lunch ASAP and try it out!

Can I tell all my Weight Watcher members about it too, you ask???? Uh……….YES!!! I can and will do it WITH GREAT PLEASURE!!!! That’s what I do best…talk about food with awesome PointPlus values! We all have our callings in life and this seems to be mine!!!

Thank you and please thank Mike for being so creative and health conscious. We will not only be able to stop in for low PointPlus value lunches, we can follow it up by earning several Activity PointPlus values shopping your amazing store afterwards!!! The things in your store are incredibly unique and always beautiful.

Thanks for the info!



Hey All…

Let’s not let this opportunity pass us by!!! Let’s do everything we can to support and encourage the Little Traveler Cafe in their effort to make dining out AND staying within our Weight Watchers PointPlus target enjoyable and as easy as possible.

As Nancy mentioned, if/when this menu is successful, they will be adding even more delicious selections with the PointPlus values all figured out for us. Sounds GREAT, doesn’t it?? Not to mention, as the owners of The Little Traveler, if their WW menu becomes successful, I can assure you there will be other Geneva eating establishments that will be interested in following their example. Yahoo…all the better for us, right???

Not only is The Little Traveler a fun place to eat and shop, Nancy and Mike are some of the friendliest, most generous and kind people you’ll meet. They care deeply about the community and are very active in making it the best it can be for ALL of us……residents and visitors alike. Who doesn’t want to support and do business with local people like that?????

SO FUN!!! I am quite excited about this!

Today is Wednesday, so I will be in Naperville, at the new Weight Watchers Store in Gartner Plaza, leading my 930a and 1130a meetings. Hope to see many of you there!

All is well!


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