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You Are Beautiful


“The scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That’s it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength, or love. Don’t give the scale more power than
it has earned. Take note of the number, then get off the scale and live your life.
You are beautiful!” — Steve Mar

Most of us believe this to be true for our friends, our sisters, our Moms, daughters and nieces….but do we believe it for OURSELVES? What if we did believe in our heart of hearts that we are so much more than the number on the scale? Would we live our lives differently?

Let’s try to believe it for ourselves…..even if it’s for just one day. For the duration of today, any time a feeling of discouragement about your weight or body starts to creep in your thought, remind yourself that you are more than a number. The real spirit you are…your beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility and love….is not measured by the scale on your bathroom floor, or at Weight Watchers, for that matter.

Letting go of the negative self talk and accepting yourself as beautiful as you are doesn’t mean your giving up on your healthy lifestyle. It means that you are nurturing your true spirit, your true self. When we take control of our thought and start to treat ourselves with kindness, respect and gratitude, the way we treat everyone else in our lives, then we will be able to modify our behaviors more easily and far more effectively.

Food has no power over us. The only power it has is the power we give it. When we feel bad about our weight or our bodies, our defenses are down and perspective can become distorted.

I know it sounds corny, but it’s true….YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, whether you’re at your weight goal or not. So today, let’s try to see in ourselves, the beauty that we see in others. Let’s choose to feel good about where we are in our journey and make the most of the 1st day of April 2013!!!! Life is a gift.

I will be in Naperville today for my 930am and noon meetings, so hope to see some of your there!

All is well!

-Terra 🙂

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