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April Showers Bring May Flowers…

I wrote the post below yesterday morning, which was Thursday. The way WordPress has my blog set up, I have to finish writing each post by 7am or it does not get emailed to my subscribers until the next day. Emails only go out once per day and it’s between 715am and 745a, usually.

So, when I was writing the below post, I didn’t know that our Geneva Weight Watchers Store parking lot was under water or that our store would be closed Thursday. Hopefully many of you saw my post on Facebook or are “Friends” with the Weight Watchers-Geneva Facebook page and got the message. If you’re not connect to me or Weight Watchers Geneva through FB, it’s a good idea to do so for late breaking info like this. I don’t use FB much, but it sure is a helpful for emergency information dissemination, as we’ve unfortunately seen too much of in e last week.

Anyway…as far as I know the Geneva Weight Watchers Store WILL re-open today, Friday April 19th and I will be leading my normal 830am and 930am meetings. If you missed your weigh in and meeting yesterday, please come in today!!!

IF there are any meeting closures today that occur, which I don’t anticipate, I will post it on Facebook as soon as I hear.

I’ll also be leading my noon meeting, today, in South Elgin.


-Terra 🙂


DO YOU PROMISE????? I don’t know about you, but for those of us in the Chicagoland area, it feels like it’s been raining for days on end!! As I write now, Thursday early morning, the lightening is flashing, the thunder is crackling every few minutes…..and there is little sign of any pretty flowers! Just a lot of puddles and mud 🙁

Patience. I know. Be patient, spring will come. It always does. Patience, such a tough lesson for some of us.

Earlier this week a successful Weight Watchers member taught me this acronym………….NATO. Not Attached To Outcome.

Sometimes we just have to do our best to do what we know is right and have faith that it will work out. Faith that the right things will happen in THEIR right time. Maybe not on our schedule, but it will all happen as it should.

We all know that eating healthy foods, reducing our portion sizes, drinking plenty of water and moving more is good for us. If by chance, you do these things and do not get a weight loss this week, it doesn’t mean they are not working. Detach yourself from the weight loss as your outcome and do them because you know it’s good for you. Eventually weight loss will come if you just keep living your healthy lifestyle. It’s part of who you are now and just what you do!

Do it because it feels good and it’s good for you. Do these things because you’re worth it. Have faith you will achieve your weightless goal in good time then detach yourself from outcome on the scale and be FREE, JOYFUL and you’ll feel lighter immediately!


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