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Live, Really LIVE Your Life!!


This inspires me! A friend who loves searching for quotes as much as I do, sent this to me earlier in the week and I love it. I want to have it framed and hung in my office at home as a reminder!

So often we get bogged down with the pressures and strains of day to day life, that we forget we have a choice. It may not feel like it, but it’s true. Each of us has our own life to live and the fact is…there is ALWAYS another option. Life truly is what we make it to be. Nothing can take our joy away unless we let it. It’s not about getting more, having more or being more. Rather, it’s about learning how to enjoy the moment and what we do have. Without being able to do that, nothing will ever satisfy us.

It’s Friday! Yahooooo!!!

Do whatever it takes to make this a fabulous weekend!!!! Let’s slow down and appreciate every bit of it….even the parts you might consider mundane.

Keep the above in mind…I hope this inspires you, as well! A huge thanks to Kim for sharing it!!!

I’ll be in Geneva for my 830a and 930a WW meetings and in South Elgin at noon. THEN……

……..it’s the weekend for me!!! Darin has been in Philadelphia all week and finally gets to come home tonight…..YAY!! The weather is supposed to be beautiful too, so that makes being a baseball Mom a lot more enjoyable!

See you soon:-)

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