I don’t usually put links to videos on my site because often when people send them to me, I don’t open them either!! But….

I am really, really hoping this one is the exception and that you WILL open and watch the 6 minute YouTube video like I did.

You’re busy, I know, but trust me, it’s worth the few minutes of your time.

I’m not necessarily endorsing Dove products (although I personally like them:-) but I give them a HUGE bravo for this real beauty campaign to attempting to show women their own true beauty.

We are are way too critical of ourselves, especially when it comes to our bodies and looks. Many of us seek out our physical flaws and allow the thought of them to overshadow our true beauty. It might sound corny, but I am writing it anyway because it’s true…

We are each beautiful in our own way and at the weight we are right now. It’s terrific to work towards a healthy body weight and maintaining that weight, but it’s not the number on the scale or the size of our jeans that defines our beauty. We are ALL reflections of perfect love and when we can see that in ourselves we can relax and start to gracefully enjoy more of our lives.

Please click on the below link or paste it into your browser. If you would prefer to search it yourself, just go to YouTube and search Dove Real Beauty Sketches, Women.

Have a fabulous day and enjoy the sunshine!

-Terra 🙂