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The Journey

And They’re Off….


Yesterday lots of school districts started back and mine was one of them. The pencils and binders have been bought, both boys have new shoes and our pantry is full of sack lunch choices. Phew….Now time for us!!! Are you ready for this new phase???

Not too long ago, I was chatting with a fellow Weight Watchers member at the scale and she said to me “Well it’s easy for you. You work here.” The statement completely threw me off because it’s so far from the truth!!! EASY???? Uh….no, not a word I’d use to describe my weight maintenance journey! Yes, working for Weight Watchers does help in some ways but just like anything else, in some ways it’s also very difficult.

Weight loss and weight maintenance isn’t EASY for anyone who has achieved their weight loss goal and is keeping it off! Ask ANY Lifetime Weight Watchers member and they will tell you, weight loss is one challenge and maintaining it, is a whole other challenge. We all MANAGE our weight. We don’t earn a goal weight and then get a guarantee to keep it. Just like your finances or raising kids….you MANAGE the process.

It’s funny how our perceptions can be so different from reality. It’s such a common mistake to look around and think that other’s have it easier than you do or that everyone is losing more weight than you are or losing faster.

We are all on our own paths and to compare ourselves to anyone is a waste of time. Yes, weight/eating is a challenge of mine……if you’re reading this blog it is most likely a challenge for you too…….but we can WIN out over the challenge! Everyone in life has something to work on and with the help of Weight Watchers and each other, losing and managing your weight will bring so much good in return for your effort.

Let’s put together a plan for getting back to a healthy routine. It feels so good when we take the time to plan and prepare healthy meals and when we give ourselves the gift of time to move more. Hope to see you at our Weight Watchers meeting so we can talk more about it!

Have a great day 🙂


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