The Journey Of Self Love

This Weekend….


Take a couple of minutes right now to
make a plan. Review what you have going on this weekend and prioritize.

Is dinner Saturday night more important than going all-out at Sunday brunch? Would you rather have cocktails or dessert? Do you prefer to eat at home Friday night or relax and be served at a restaurant? YOU choose and plan accordingly. Prioritize!

Need more PointPlus values to enjoy yourself? Then get out there and earn yourself some!! It’s going to be gorgeous weather during next few days…..perfect for walking, bike riding or working in the yard.

The weekends are for relaxing and recharging. Put food where it belongs…in the background as part of the weekend but NOT the main event.

I’m at the Geneva Weight Watchers Store for my 830a and 930a meetings and them to South Elgin for my noon meeting.

After that….the Kaneland Football Field!!!! Go Get ‘Em, Knights! Take down Rochelle!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!!!


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