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Tasty Tuesday & Other Timely Tidbits

Hey Terra,

I came across this recipe which I have not put into the recipe builder but it is 59 calories.

I know you mention this all the time but for those of us who are anal and require an exact recipe, here it is:

1 Apple
1t sugar or honey
1/4 t water
1/4t cinnamon
1/4 t cornstarch

mix and microwave for 2 minutes

Have a great meeting (how could you not!)



Hi Alice-

Yahoo…an EASY one!! Thanks for writing up this simple yet delicious treat for all of us to try. It’s perfect for fall apple season and it’s only ONE PointPlus value!!!!

Hope everyone can get outside and enjoy this crisp fall weather! It is gorgeous!

If you’re looking for some added motivation, there is a free, one hour “Surviving Saboteurs While Losing Weight” workshop being held this Saturday (Oct.13th) at the North Aurora Weight Watchers Center at 1pm. It’s being run by a fellow Weight Watchers Leader and friend, Julie Tucker and it’s open to the public. Did I mention FREE also?? The North Aurora Weight Watchers is located in the northeast side of the intersection of Randall Rd and Oak Street. There is no sign up or registration required. Just show up!


Since it’s Tuesday, I’ll be leading my 10a and noon meetings in Schaumburg today. They are such inspiring meetings!! We recently had a member, Amanda, hit her goal weight and achieve Lifetime (not sure what “Lifetime” means? ASK ME next time we are together. I’d love to explain it!!) after losing 120+ pounds!! Amanda also ran her first 10 mile race this weekend, which she says she never would have done before losing this weight. Other members, now friends, Kelli and Maureen, brought a tiara and confetti poppers to our noon WW meeting to surprise Amanda and celebrate….see photo below. How sweet is that??? Quite a memorable day!! You guys ROCK!! Amazing and incredible Amanda…Congratulations!!!


The fact is, you can do it TOO! AND it can be fun!! Yes…I said FUN! Let me know if I can help you. It will be my pleasure!!!!!



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