Don’t Be Scared!!


For many, this can be a scary time when it comes to our weight. In addition to the Halloween candy challenge we are encountering this week, we also know that our major holiday season is rapidly approaching and our eating can easily get out of hand if we are not mindful.

This year, let’s be ready for it. Let’s make it our mission to go into the holidays feeling our best. After all, when you’re feeling joyful and healthy, isn’t it easier to make better eating decisions??
Of course it is!!!!! So, what has to happen for you to feel healthy and strong TODAY??

Today is Halloween and candy will be everywhere, but I challenge you to ask yourself one very empowering question…”IS IT WORTH IT??” If so, have it but keep in mind how it’s going to make you feel. Does one Reece’s peanut butter cup satisfy you or does it just make you want more? Do you like the out-of-control feeling that high sugar, high fat candy ignites in you?

Also keep in mind…Halloween candy is no different than the candy you can buy at any grocery store, gas station or convenience store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. How “special” is today for you? Give it some thought ahead of time and YOU decide.

For me, the choice is NO THANK YOU. It’s easier for me to establish a NO THANK YOU policy for the entire day than it is to start on the candy and try to control it. I’ve been putting too much effort into maintaining my weight to be bossed around by a fun-size Snickers bar or a Kit Kat!!

What can you do to feel your best today? Can you eat at least 5 servings of fruit and veggies? Come on, that’s an easy one! Surely we can all commit to that? How about water? Can you drink 6 eight ounce glasses of water and can you exercise portion control for one day? Do you need some quiet “me” time to keep your focus? That is something I absolutely HAVE to have…so find it! Make 30 minutes of time just for yourself today to read, meditate, pray or even just rest….30 minutes of pure kindness to yourself! This process is ONE day at a time. Find ways to deal with daily stresses that don’t involve eating when you’re not hungry.

Whatever it takes…let’s commit together to take one step at a time to build up our health, strength and confidence over the next few weeks so that we can go into the 2013 Holiday Season expressing as much positive, joyful energy possible. Wouldn’t that be an incredible gift to ourselves AND those around us??

If you’re IN for my challenge, let me hear from you!!! Shoot me an email at terra@stonetowerproperties.com right away or post a comment. I’d like to post all of your emails and comments so that we can all see how much strength we have in each other!!!! Join us!! Let me hear from you!!!! If you post a comment…it will appear on the website within 24 hours. Below is an email I’ve already received…..

Hi Terra – Its Kelli from your Tuesday Schaumburg noon meeting. I just
read your post and I’m in! I’m working on my meal planning to get me
through Halloween and the weekend (including that Sloppy Joe Casserole on
Halloween night!) My plan to get through the holidays is to STICK WITH THE
BASICS during normal, non-festive days… like you said, today is just an
ordinary Wednesday, TOMORROW is Halloween. Reminding myself of that keeps
me focused on making good choices, so I have room to induldge on the
special occasions IF I want to!

Thanks for writing your blog. So many of us love getting it as it is just
another anchor to keep us focused. See you next week!


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