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The Scale Is Not The Source of Your Joy


Good morning! The responses to yesterday’s blog post were overwhelming! A LOT of us practiced the “no thank you” approach to Halloween candy and I’m thrilled!! Here is one response I received which made me laugh out loud…

“No Snickers , no Reese’s, they tear my will power to pieces
No M&M’s, no Tootsie’s, I want to be able to see my footsies
No Raisinets, no Mounds, I’d rather lose those pounds.

You have no one to blame for this precoffee mumble but yourself Terra
I loved your email
It may be the scariest but true thing I hear all day.
Happy Halloween


Here are just a FEW more of the MANY commitments I received yesterday and into last night…

“I’m in!!! I am going with the “no thank you” plan for today. And tonight I’m going for a nice long walk on my treadmill. Who can eat candy after such the great high from a walk. Thanks for the inspiration and challenge. -CJ”

I’m all IN for the challenge!
I decided to say NO THANK YOU to candy today( the thought never entered my mind before ). And commit to 30 minutes of reading for myself this evening. Thanks for the inspiration! -Janet”

“Why aren’t there little green triangles by Butterfingers?” -LC

“I have been looking at that bowl of candy,none of it is worth the points!!” -RM

So congratulations to everyone who challenged themselves in some healthy way yesterday. My biggest hope is that you were able to stick to whatever commitment you made to yourself.

Here is what I DON’T want to happen….I don’t want us to all be all happy and proud of ourselves that we run to the scale to see if it “worked”. Please, please, please learn from my mistakes and know that whether the scale is up, down or even-steven today…you ARE on the right track.

I TOTALLY agree…we should all be down 5 pounds for being strong enough to say “no thank you” to Halloween candy over indulging yesterday. If it were up to me, I’d happily grant everyone a weight loss as a reward for the behavior change, but sadly that’s just not how it works!!!

Depending on what you ate last night instead of candy, the scale could even be up a little bit this morning. Soups, chili, seasoned veggies, salty popcorn can artificially inflate the number on the scale due water retention.

Whatever the case… doesn’t matter….you made a healthy change, you are in control and you are stronger for it! We will never find joy that lasts in the scale on our bathroom floor. Don’t let that number influence you in any negative way today!! Don’t do it!

You took control of your eating yesterday and today I’m challenging you to take control of your thoughts. Find gratitude and joy in the journey. “Progress, not perfection, is the simple pleasure to be savored.” -Simple Abundance.

Have a great day and I’ll see you in Geneva and South Elgin later this morning!!

All is well!



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