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“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.” — Cherokee Indian Proverb


You’re on the right track if you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, you don’t feel an ounce of guilt about it and your back to your “new normal” healthy routines. Health isn’t just physical….it’s mental as well. Living in the past and torturing ourselves with regret is NOT healthy and quite frankly, it hurts! When we are living in the past, we are cheating ourselves of all the good that is happening now, in the present. We waste valuable energy that could be spent on making today the best it can be.

My best advice to getting back on track is to make yourself and your family a huge pot of fresh vegetable soup, drink plenty of water and do everything you can to be as nice to yourself as you are to others. You deserve it!!!! There is so much GOOD out there to experience today, but if you’re stuck in the past, you will miss opportunities to see it, feel it and take part in it.

This journey isn’t about food. Being over weight and/or overeating are just manifestations of what’s going on inside of each of us. It’s even more difficult to stop turning to food for comfort, stress relief and love when we are constantly criticizing and berating ourselves.

We will never find the lasting satisfaction we crave from food, so let’s change our focus. Let’s focus on all the good going on around us and let’s take part in it! When our focus is finding the joy and gratitude in each day, we become filled with something much, much better than excess food and our lives change for the better.

Bundle up, my dear friends! The wind is already whipping out there and the cold front is moving in! “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..”

I’ll be in Geneva today… Hope to see you there!!!

All is well,


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