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Tasty Tuesday-Chocolate Raspberries!


Dear Terra…

Here’s the snack/treat combo picture I promised to send you. I stuffed the fresh raspberries with dark chocolate chips, but like we discussed, white chocolate chips would be pretty for Christmas! Years ago I recall seeing a mixed bag of green, white and red chocolate chips, which could be fun, too! I weighed out 1 serving of chips (1 tbsp. or 14g) for 2 ppv. My serving size ended up w/17 stuffed raspberries! These really satisfied my sweet tooth, along with a nice blast of fiber to boot! Next time I assemble them, I’ll probably stretch the serving size by bulking it up and having a 2 to 1 ratio of fruit to chocolate. The dark chocolate flavor lingered long enough to sneak an unstuffed raspberry in between. These were a big hit on the dessert table at my house on Thanksgiving. I hope your followers enjoy them, too!



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