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You’re Free To Be Happy Today


Good Morning, Everyone!!!

I’ve just returned from sunny Florida where I spent the last week with my son, Chase and his TriCity Football team as they competed in the United Youth Football League national championship. Yay Chargers!!! Don’t get me wrong, Florida and 80*+ weather was gorgeous, but I am glad to be home!! “There is NO place like home for the holidays” is an understatement! Not to mention how much I missed all of YOU at my Weight Watchers meetings!


So here I am in the early morning hours of my first day back to “real life” after 7 days away and I have that feeling in the pit of my stomach. Have you ever experienced that before? It’s an anxious feeling as all the things I need to do this week bombard my thoughts faster than I can process them.

One of the loudest TO DO’s screaming in my head is to deal with my weight. How much free brain space would I have if I never worried about my weight???? A LOT, I assure you! Ugh. Endless, it feels sometimes. I need to weigh in and get back to my healthy routine. My plan was to lose some “insurance pounds” BEFORE the holidays so that I would have a little buffer, but alas, our trip to Florida threw a wrench in my plan.

Here’s the thing…….I am tempted to let my weigh-in determine my happiness today but I’ve been down this road too many times!!! By myself AND with many of you who weigh in with me at our meetings. This time, I SAY NO!! I’m screaming NO in my head!!! I’m standing up for my right to be HAPPY and grateful for the body I have today no matter what the scale says. I’m going to resisting the urge to let anything, especially the scale steal my joy. Absolutely nothing good comes from being hard on ourselves. In fact, the opposite occurs. When we are down on ourselves, it’s harder to make good choices and it’s harder to see the good around us.

Let’s not hate on our bodies today. If we have eyes to see all the beautiful holiday decorations, a nose to smell the pine and peppermint in the air and arms to hug our children and loved ones today, then we have much reason to be grateful. We are ALL free to be happy today, even with ourselves. Especially with ourselves. We were given this Life to LIVE, not to muddle through, so let’s not let anything get in our way of expressing joy. You are not a number on the scale and neither am I, so let’s not let any negative self talk try to creep in and tell us any different. I challenge you to stand up to your own thought and exercise your right to be happy today. I already feel better!!! Do you?

I’m back to leading ALL my regular meetings this week and I hope to see you at one of them. If you need my meeting times and locations, shoot me an email and I’ll send them to you. My email address is: Terra@StoneTowerProperties.com.

All IS well!


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