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You’re Stronger Than You Think


It’s important to remember that everyone has challenges. There are people out there with challenges far greater than ours and others who’s challenges don’t seem as big, but regardless…we all have them.

Today, as you go through your day, give some thought to how your challenge is making you stronger. What are you learning through this process? How is your challenge teaching you something?

When it comes to weight loss and/or weight maintenance we are taught PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE and SELF FORGIVENESS. Some of us “get it” right away, others of us have to try, try again, but ultimately I think any Lifetime Weight Watchers member or anyone else who has lost weight and kept it off will agree, these three qualities are imperative to a healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a mindset. We learn to become MENTALLY strong and take control of our thoughts. It’s learning to resist the urge to criticize, belittle or be intolerant toward OURSELVES. Saying NO to the negative self talk, no matter how hard it tries to sabotage us. It requires accepting that we are not always going to “perfect” and that it’s OK not to be. We learn that each day really is a fresh start and we start to live our lives that way.

It might seem like your challenge is about a number on the scale, but if you step back and give some thought to the big picture, it might just be about something MUCH, MUCH more important.

Have a great day and I hope to see you soon!

All is Well!


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