Tasty Tuesdays

Tasty Tuesday- SO EASY!

Good Morning Friends!!!

This recipe sounds quick and super easy. The perfect Tasty Tuesday combo!!

If you have ideas to share, please email them to me!!! I’m running low and could use some fresh recipes to post!!

See you at the meetings this week. I’ll be in Geneva at 10a and noon on THURSDAY and 830a and 930a on FRIDAY.

All is well!!!



Hi Terra,

I wanted to share a quick low-point combo (a no brainer!).
Can use as a side dish or main. I rewarmed for lunch and it was just as yummy as the first time:


-Spaghetti squash
-Trader Joe’s Fresh Buschetta
– Romanao cheese

2C =2 PointPlus values
3 PointPlus values if served with optional Tablespoon of cheese

Cook Spaghetti Squash and shred … add 1 container of Trader Joe’s Fresh Bruschetta Sauce (not the jar) – in refrigerated area by the meats and cheeses.

Depending on the size of the squash you will get 6-8 cups when combined with brushchetta.

If I calculated correctly the entire container of bruschetta is 6 points plus.

2Tbl = 1 Serving is 0 PPV (probably just shy of a point)
12 servings per container which is 24 Tbl

So, if I’m being generous with my estimation of points: I had only 2 PPV in a 2 cups serving of this combo. Added 1 heaping TBL of pecorino romano cheese for about 1PPV (nominal).

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