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Less IS More


How do you feel when you OVER indulge? How does it make you feel physically? How about your energy level? Does more food/drink make you feel better about yourself or worse? Does the more food you eat make it taste better?

Rather than approaching portion control from the idea that we “can’t” have more, try asking yourself if your really need more? Then ask if you truly want more.

At first everyone says “Well, YES, of course I want more chocolate chip cookies (or fries or pizza or whatever) if I can have them!!” But after thinking about it, ask yourself WHY you want an excessive amount.

When we over indulge in food, we are usually looking for something. We are looking to become satisfied but it’s a satisfaction that doesn’t come from food and it never will. No matter how much we eat. We eat because we need it to live and we enjoy it. Food is meant to be delicious and enjoyable. A few indulgences are FUN!! The fact is, no one became over weight from eating A slice of pizza or A scoop of icecream!!!!

The reasons we OVEReat are much, much different. They don’t have to do with hunger or physical needs and after a while it’s not even about taste.

If you can honestly say that over eating makes you feel your best physically and mentally and provides you with your best quality of life and most energy, then maybe the result of being over weight is worth it.

Obviously for most of us, that isn’t the case. Overeating makes us miserable and until we change our thoughts about doing it and why we do it, we will be forced to rely on will power and diets to control our weight. Take a step back and see if you can change your thought first and then watch your behaviors follow suit more naturally.

Although I still have to remind myself often, I truly believe that LESS IS MORE. Do you?

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