Tasty Tuesdays

Tasty Tuesday-Power Foods


I’m really trying to eat “clean” these days. Yes, it helps with weight management, but my motivation is even more about feeling my best. I don’t know if it comes with age or if I just notice it more now, but when I eat a lot of processed foods I have less energy and more cravings. Not a desirable combo for anyone and definitely doesn’t lend it’s self to keeping weight off!!!

I like fresh, healthy food, so eating them isn’t the challenge. To me (and my fam) having them prepared and ready when I need them is the challenge. Since Power Foods are not usually processed, they take some prep time. Most are not prepackaged or grab-n-go but I do my best to find ways to buy and prepare them them that way!! To me, the time I save is worth the extra few cents I spend to buy my veggies and fruit already cut and cleaned or my brown rice pre-portioned and ready to heat and serve. To each her own!!

So I don’t know if you can call today’s Tasty Tuesday a “recipe” because all you do is dump and mix. SIMPLE & quick. It’s a Power Food and a staple at my house, so thought I’d share it again. This dip is high in protein and calcium but most of all, it’s delicious!!! Having it on hand is an easy way to make eating raw veggies taste like a snack food and it transforms a plain baked potato (or sweet potato) from dry and boring into something I look forward to for dinner!

It’s so easy I can use pictures to explain it. Now we are really talkin’ my kind of recipe!! Haha!

Choose your dip flavor and add to fatfree Greek yogurt. Below are my absolute favorite choices, but feel free to experiment with different dip mixes and Greek yogurt!!

I’ll be leading all my Weight Watchers meetings this week. I’m in Geneva on Thursdays at 10a and noon and Fridays at 830a and 930a. In my opinion (which just happens to be backed up by research too!) the meetings are where it’s at. Staying for the meeting and being part of the discussion and idea sharing is an invaluable part of weight loss success. I love the internet too, but sometimes we need the human interaction to help us make a change. There is energy and support that we can only get from each other, live, in person. If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while or you don’t usually stay for the meeting, I encourage you to come back this week. It’s not only motivating and helpful, it is really is FUN:-)




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