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Good Morning:-)


“If you think you aren’t the leader of your life, you’re
wrong. Except that, since you actually are the leader of
your life, you’ll make yourself right. When you dictate “I am
powerless!” your life will obediently comply with your policies.”

~ There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Chiefs (At Least Not on the Team), Martha Beck

Sometimes in our busy lives we forget that this! We feel like we are run ragged by our schedules, commitments and others around us but in fact, there is always another choice.

Stress doesn’t MAKE us eat the ice cream. Being over tired doesn’t mean we have to order a pizza. Eating that second helping just because it’s there, even we are not hungry. All these things are choices and ultimately, if we don’t like the results of ones we’ve made in the past, we can make different ones today.

Surround yourself with positive energy and know that you are strong enough to change. Your behavior and attitude is yours and no matter what’s going on around you, it’s the one thing you can control.

Today’s Friday and I’ll be in Grneva leading my 830a and 930a Weight Watchers meetings. Hope to see you there!!!!

All is well!

-Terra 🙂

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