Tasty Tuesdays

Tasty Tuesday


Good morning!! Just passing along a little sweet treat that I’ve really been enjoying lately and thought you might too. It’s especially great on hot afternoons when you need a sweet, refreshing pick-me-up AND it has ZERO PointPlus values. Woohoo…or should I say Yooohoo???

I’m normally a Starbucks girl, but my real estate office is less than a block away from Caribou, so I’ve been doing a little cheating:-). One thing I found at Caribou that they don’t have at Starbucks is sugar free chocolate flavored syrup (the kind that flavors coffee…not Icecream), so of course I had to try it!

My new favorite drink is a large iced black tea with sugar free chocolate syrup and a splash of skim milk. Does anyone remember….


YEP…….it takes just like Yoohoo, if my memory serves me correctly! I loved Yoohoo growing up, but I’ve found it lacking in PointsPlus worthiness, not to mention nutritional value as an adult, so I haven’t had it in years:-)

Give my concoction a try! The first day I ordered it, a friend of mine happened to be in line behind me. Intrigued, both she AND the Barista made this drink for themselves and gave it a thumbs up!!

I’d like to start sharing more great tips and tricks for dining out options on Tuesdays. What are your favorite heathy go-to’s at down and/or fast food restaurants?? I’ve had many requests to post more of these ideas, so if you have any to share, please email me!!! I’m at: Terra@StoneTowerProperties.com

Have a great day:-)

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