Tasty Tuesdays

Tasty Tuesday-Fast Food Edition


Last week I asked for some of your go to food choices when dining out. Thanks to those of you that emailed me. Your ideas are much appreciated and I’m planning to share today and I’m the weeks ahead.

Everyone knows most fast food isn’t ideal, but let’s face it….it’s real life and sometimes a necessity. This isn’t just a diet. We are talking about a life style. Our new habits have to be realistic and sustainable in order to not only lose the weight but to keep it off as well.

Below are some options that are helping Maralee and could be options for you too. THANKS Maralee!!

She writes:

Dear Terra,

I know McDonald’s foods are not great choices but it’s convenient for busy people and played a big part in the 45 lbs I’ve lost. I felt like I could still eat forbidden foods– and lose weight!

-McDonald’s icecream cone-5 PointPlus values

-Onion cheddar burgers-8 PointPlus values

-Small fries-6 PointPlus values

FORTY FIVE pounds lost!!! Way to go Maralee!!! Congrats!!!

If you have any good dining out food choices you could share, please take a second and shoot me an email. I’m at terra@stonetowerproperties.com.

Have a great day!!!


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