Tasty Tuesdays

Tasty Tuesday~Dining Out Edition

I like to meet one of my old high school girlfriends (who is also a WW Lifer) at Olive Garden. We can have long chats and not spend many points if we order the endless soup and salad bowl:
Minestrone soup: 2 PP
Pasta e fagioli soup: 3 PP
Garden salad (no croutons!): 0 PP
Lite Italian Dressing: 1 PP (I used to carry my own until I discovered how good theirs is)

Warning: Don’t fall into the warm breadstick basket! Those are 4 PP each! Sure, you could have one, but I can’t let myself get started on them. Best just to stay away completely.



You all have such awesome ideas!!! I personally went and tried this suggestion last week for lunch with friends and it was FANTASTIC! I had not been to Olive Garden in forever!! I thought the light Italian dressing was out of this world! Had they not told me, I don’t think I would have known it was not the original dressing. The soup and salad were both delicious and equally exciting was the fact that I still had plenty of PointPlus values left for dinner that night!

Thanks Marsha and all the others of you that are emailing me your ideas!! I will keep posting them in weeks to come!

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