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Super Chocolate Tasty Tuesday

Located on Third Street in charming downtown Geneva is The All Chocolate Kitchen, pictured below.


I know many of you that receive my blog are not living the Geneva area, so I apologize for not reaching a bigger audience with this post….but it’s such a good one I felt it was worth a Tasty Tuesday blog spot!!! Maybe you can visit Geneva, Illinois sometime and try it too or see if there is something comparable in your area. If you like deep, rich chocolate, trust me when I tell you chocolate that chocolate sorbetto is worth searching for!! Normally I like to go for volume when it comes to my food choices, but as Cathy explains in her email below, you really don’t need much of this stuff to totally satisfy your chocolate sweet tooth!! A small (which is about a scoop) is WELL worth the PointPlus values (which I count as 4) and the $3.00!!

The All Chocolate Kitchen is a SUPER cool place with a very interesting background, but I don’t have the time to write all about that this morning, so if your interested in it after reading this, I encourage you to Google it for more info!!!! It’s an even more fun place to visit knowing you can order something that’s not going to break your PointPlus values bank for the week!

Thanks for taking the time to share the eating out idea, Cathy! On behalf of all the chocolate lovers who read this blog, we appreciate it!! And you’re walking 10 miles??? WOW! You’re an inspiration!!!!

See Cathy’s email below…


Dear Terra,

Loved the Tasty Tuesday Yoo-hoo tip a couple of weeks ago!! We go to Caribou on our walks down the Fox River trail on Mondays!

Also, chocolate related….. My gal pals & I have enjoyed the All Chocolate Kitchen’s teeny-tiny cup of chocolate Sorbetto! Not sure of PPV but I was told it’s only 130 calories, fat free, sugar free, dairy free and YUMMY!!!! Such rich chocolate flavor so it’s SO satisfying. A bit pricey at about $3.00 for that tiny portion but…….we figure we’re worth it every Monday after our 10 mile walk!


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