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Hello Old Friend….My Dear Crockpot

It’s not quite fall yet, but with school starting earlier than normal this year for most school districts around here, many of us are preparing to get back to more of a daily routine. This includes meal planning and for that, there’s nothing better than a good crockpot recipes. I LOVE my crock pot! Turn it on, throw in the ingredients and let it do it’s thing with no chance of burning!! What’s NOT to love???????

Thanks for sharing the awesome recipe below, Helen!! We all totally appreciate it!

Chicken with the skin removed is about 1 PointPlus value per ounce and is a Power Food on Weight Watchers Simply Filling technique.

Have a fabulous day, everyone!

All is well!




We were talking about crock pots yesterday and I remembered a very simple chicken breast recipe that my husband requests often. Maybe this would be good for a Tasty Tuesday?

First, roll pieces of aluminum foil in balls a little smaller than tennis balls and place them on the bottom of the crock pot. There should be enough to cover the bottom of the pot. Next place bone-in chicken breasts on top of the foil balls. I leave the skin on the chicken because it helps keep the chicken moist and no one eats it anyway. Next, sprinkle the top of the chicken with seasoning being very generous with it. (Dried seasonings usually need to be used in larger amounts in a crock pot than they would be used in dishes baked in the oven or cooked in a pan.) I use a Rustic Tuscan Blend from Sam’s Club but I imagine that the 21 seasoning from Trader Joe’s would be tasty, too. Cook on high for 3-4 hours depending on how many pieces of chicken and how thick they are.

The foil keeps the chicken up out of the juices that form which keeps the chicken whole. It doesn’t fall apart like regular chicken does in many crock pot recipes. I just serve the juices on the side for anyone who wants to use it on the top of the chicken.

I found this recipe through Pinterest. The blog post author where I found it suggested using this method to cook chicken ahead of time for recipes that call for cooked chicken.

There is no added oil or butter or anything like that. The points would be simply for the chicken.



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