Tasty Tuesdays

Back To Basics-Tasty Tuesday


I posted this on my Facebook page last night because it’s how I’ve felt for the last two weeks getting Cole, my oldest son, off to college for the first time. Wow….it’s been rough! For ME that is, not so much for him!


A lot of changes at my house and I’ve gotten away from some of the things that are healthy for me, so now it’s time for me to get back to basics.

I’d love to have a day to cook…I’d make roasted veggies, vegetable soup and probably grill a bunch of tilapia filets…but I don’t have time at the moment. It’s busy at work and I’ve taken off too many days getting Cole ready and moved to miss anymore right now, so I hit the grocery last night and the internet. Below are a couple of my personal favorite ways to get back on track. One PointPlus value tortillas and 3 PointPlus value ready made egg sandwiches. You can probably get them at some local stores, but I prefer to just go to their websites directly and have them shipped to me. Both keep in he freezer, so I’m not afraid to order plenty. I know I’ll use them! Maybe you would like them too?





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