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Tasty Tuesday Cheezy Eggs With Bacon-4 Points Plus Values


I know, today is Thursday, not Tuesday. I’m a couple day behind since we had Monday off for Labor Day. I thought you’d understand!

This probably isn’t considered a “recipe” but it’s one of our household FAVORITES (that I just finished making, as a matter of fact!) and it rocks. I grew up eating my Mom and my Aunt’s cheezy eggs and although delicious, their’s are fairly high in PointPlus values, so I came up with this variation and it’s just as good! Hope you enjoy it!


I use 6 egg whites for 2 PointPlus values. Yes, 6. It is no secret that I’m a big eater! I’ve bought the egg whites in a carton, but honestly, it’s no big deal to just take the yolk out myself. I do it the old fashioned way! See photo above.


Next I use 2 wedges of Light Swiss Laughing Cow Cheese. Yes, TWO wedges still only equals 1 PointPlus value as long as you use the light. The flavors vary in PointPlus values, so I stick to Swiss. It’s so yummy in so many things!


Lastly I add 2 tablespoons of real bacon pieces for 1Points Plus Value. Bacon bits ( I prefer the real pieces) add a ton of flavor for very few PointPlus values. They are high in sodium, but a little goes a long way, so I find it to be a great value for me.

Ok, so now for the “cooking part”…..

Mix all ingredients together and scramble in a pan (sprayed with PAM butter flavor) over medium heat until set!! Voila! I may not be a chef, but my recipes are yummy, easy and this one weighs in at only FOUR PointPlus values total!!!! It’s a huge plate of warm cheezy bacon-y eggs, loaded with protein!!! Great start to the day or also a great dinner!! Try it…you’ll see!!

Have a HAPPY day!

See you at my Weight Watchers meetings today, Thursday, in Geneva at 10a or Friday at 830a and 930a.



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