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Weight Watchers & Terra On “You & Me This Morning”


A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to meet Chris DeRose and Aly Bockler (pictured above) of the WCIU (“The U”) morning show called “You & Me This Morning” to help them get started on the Weight Watchers program.

Chris and Aly signed up to shed a few extra pounds with Weight Watchers and to talk about their progress on the show over the next couple of months.

They are both super nice and so fun!!!! Between the accountability of Weight Watchers and each other, plus the friendly competitiveness they share, I know they will be successful!! Getting to be a part of their start was quite an experience for me!! I felt a little like “Country mouse goes to the big city” that day, but stepping out of our comfort zone once in a while is good for us!!! Have a look……

Click the link below to watch the segment!!!!

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