Tasty Tuesdays

Tasty Tuesday

Last week had a “cottage cheese” theme to it!! I had 2 people, on different days, share really unique (to me at least me) ways of using cottage cheese. I’ve tried both and they’re delicious!! The cottage cheese not only tastes really good in both, it power packs protein and calcium to give us a more healthy bank for our PointPlus value buck!!

In the midst of the polar vortex we are experiencing comfort foods are what I’m craving. A piping hot bowl of one PointPlus value chili with a big dollop of the sour cream below sounds perfect. So does an extra cheesy, piping hot serving of scrambled eggs to start (or finish!) the day. A big thanks to Margaret & Becky for sharing their recipes and to Debby for emailing a reminder to me to post them!! It’s a team effort!!! See everyone at our Weight Watchers meetings this Friday morning!
See below and ENJOY!



Dear Terra-
My mother used to make healthier sour cream by blending low fat cottage cheese with lemon juice. I couldn’t find her recipe but I found it on line and tried it.
One cup cottage cheese (I recommend low fat) with a tablespoon of lemon juice or someone suggested white vinegar.

It gives you a great stage for baked potatoes or for dips, perfect for all these football weekends and the cold weather. It really works, you don’t feel deprived and it’s 1 PointPlus value per quarter cup.





To make really creamy, cheesy scrambled eggs add 1 Tablespoon of cottage cheese per egg. So if you’re cooking three eggs, that would be a 1/4 cup of CC. Scramble the eggs as usual, pour in the pan, then add cottage cheese. As it cooks, the cottage cheese melts and you’ll never know it’s there.

I thought it was so funny when the conversation at our Weight Watchers meeting turned how this recipe might taste with egg whites and fat free cottage cheese. I wouldn’t know! I can’t stand FF cheese anything! Low fat is very worth the extra Points Plus Value or so to me but to each her own!!!

My other indulgence with scrambled eggs: instead of 1T water per egg, I use 1T Kemps Fat Free Half & Half (0 points) per egg. The serving size for the Kemps is 2T and I usually eat just two eggs. It gives it just a bit of a creamier taste than water or skim milk.

Anyway… happy weekend!


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