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We Don’t Have To Earn Self Love




Goals and goal setting are great ways to help us clarify what we want and how to achieve it. Goals help to point our behaviors in the direction we want them to go, which is a good thing. But what about when we fall short of the goal? From an intellectual stand point, we can look back, assess whether the goal was realistic or not (many, many times they are not), learn from some of the obstacles that threw us off course and go forward making different choices. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!! No big deal, right?


Uhhhhh….not so much….because we are not just intellectual people. We have emotions. We have certain perceptions and expectations about how we think we should be and what we should do or have done. When we don’t meet those, it can be very easy to feel really, really bad about ourselves. Especially when it comes to weight management.

Here’s the thing……we don’t have to earn happiness. We have the right to it this moment! We don’t have to wait until we are some goal weigh on the scale or have exercised “x” number of days or have written down precisely everything we eat to love ourselves and feel joy.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of not feeling worthy of happiness. Of being “mad” at ourselves. Let down. RESIST the urge to do so!!! It is our God given right to wake up each morning feeling joy and gratitude even when things are not perfect. It’s great that we have committed to making healthy changes physically but our love of ourselves and Divine Love do not hinge on it. Let’s not wait until things are “perfect” to live in gratitude and joy. When we find inner joy and gratitude, it’s a lot easier to love ourselves no matter what and keep everything in perspective. Don’t you agree?

See you all in Geneva today at my 830a or 930a Weight Watchers meetings!

All is well 🙂



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