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Don’t Hide!



Please join me today at our Weight Watchers meeting! I know it isn’t the most fun thought in the world right now….stepping on the scale after two weeks of holiday celebrations, but it’s time. You are NOT alone! Come and feel the support and energy that will bring us all back to our healthy habits. Don’t be scared……the holidays were worth it. NO REGRETS! Now all you have to do is get back to your everyday habits of moderation and good choices. I promise you will feel better after our meeting today! It’s A LOT easier to recommit together than to it is to procrastinate it or try to do it alone. Come on…It will be FUN!

I am leading my usual 830am and 930am meetings in Geneva today and I am also subbing for the 11am meeting just for today.

See you shortly! I don’t want to be there all alone this morning!

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