Count Your Blessings Live Fearlessly

The Sun Is Shining On A New Day

Mondays can be difficult for all of us, especially when we’ve had a fun filled weekend, but fight the urge to let yourself feel down or discouraged about your choices. A true healthy lifestyle includes days “off” from your everyday routines, so look back and be glad you had a great time and move forward! We are in control of this moment, so don’t waste any precious time focusing on anything else. TODAY is yet another fresh start for each of us…… wonderful, right???

Miss seeing many of you at Weight Watchers! You can aleays reach me at to say HI! My goal is to get back to writing the blog posts more frequently, so feel free to hold me accountable!!


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  • Nita Dietz
    April 28, 2015 at 11:30 am

    Hi Terra, I sure hope life is treating you good and you’re doing well. I miss your encouragement and seeing you every week. Terry and I took time away from WW and are now paying the price for back sliding 🙁 Anyway, please use my new email address (above) so I might continue getting your postings. I’m back at the Schaumburg location and so many are not there anymore. Thanks for your valuable teachings and I’ll be doing my best to get back to the business of “living” the plan 😉

    Best Regards,
    Nita Dietz