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100 Women Who Care, Geneva


Good Morning, Everyone!

Today is a HUGE day for the ladies at Stone Tower Properties because it brings the accomplishment of one of our biggest new year’s resolutions for 2015….the kick off of the charitable organization called 100 Women Who Care and we would love for you to join us!!

Teresa Keenan (the owner of our real estate firm) brought this idea to work one day and we couldn’t stop thinking about it because it is SO IMPACTFUL! We committed that no matter how busy we are with selling real estate, we would make time to start this organization and invite other caring but busy ladies to join us.

It’s an amazing concept and it’s designed to be a NO HASSLE, NO RED TAPE, VERY SMALL TIME COMMITMENT organization with that makes a HUGE impact on the Tri Cities area. It’s all spelled out very clearly on the website so have a look for yourself. Our first of 3 meetings in 2015 is TONIGHT at 630p SHARP at Wildwood in Geneva. ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN! Click on the link below to read the details and what it’s all about. You can also check out our Facebook page by the same name. If you have ANY questions before tonight or you have a charity that’s local to the Tri Cities that you would like me to nominate if I get chosen to do so, shoot me an email at or friend me on Facebook and send me a message that way. Even if you don’t join, it’s worth your time to learn about it!!!!!

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