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Tasty Tuesday BLT Salad for Only 4 PointPlus values!!

4 PPVs BLT Salad

My 4 PPVs BLT Salad with Oakley, our Petite Golden Doodle (aka, my fav son) standing guard over it!

First, let me start by saying that I know you’re reading this on WEDNESDAY, not Tuesday, but for the record, I’m writing it on Tuesday night. I just didn’t get it posted in time to show up on Tuesday :-))

My husband’s parents came for a visit last weekend and brought us a ton of the most beautiful, dark red, ripe tomatoes from their garden!! I’m back to seriously counting Points Plus Values daily,(a leg of my personal journey since leaving Weight Watchers that I’ll share with you in another post) so my creative ideas for low PointPlus value food ideas/recipes are flowing. For me to stay within my daily PointPlus allowance, the food I’m eating needs to be VERY tasty and filling and this lunch was both! I can’t wait to make another one tomorrow!!

Simple, simple, simple. All I did was fill the bottom of my glass dish with shredded lettuce. I buy my lettuce already shredded, but that’s up to you. Then I used Miracle Whip in a squeeze bottle and zig zagged about 2T over the lettuce. Next I cut up two ripe tomatoes into small chunks, salt and peppered them to taste and put on top of the Miracle Whip layer, juice and all. Lastly, I sprinkled 2T of Hormel real bacon pieces over the tomatoes. I covered it and refrigerated for a few hours. At lunch time, I took it out and mixed it all up like you would a 7 layer salad. The juice from the tomatoes and the lettuce mixes with the mayo and thinned it out enough that it coated the whole salad. The bacon pieces were crispy and gave it LOTS of flavor. Oh yum!

I’m telling you, it tasted like a BLT but it was a lot bigger and only 4 PointPlus values!!! Score!! I love using what’s in season and abundantly available while we can and this salad does just that beautifully!!

Email me how you like it :-))

Have a great day,


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